Acai Berry Dosage & Acai Berry Pill – How Much Should You Take?

With the popularity of the acai berry at its zenith, it is imperative to know the proper Acai berry dosage to administer and the side effects if any that can result. I will tell you right now if you see any acai products that have less than 1000mg of all natural acai, RUN the other way. We’ve even seen products that have as little as 300mg per acai berry pill. What a rip off.

Due to the acai’s enormous potential in helping humans obtain a natural and easy way to enjoy a healthy body, the obvious reaction for most people is to buy acai products without thinking of how potent each acai capsule is and what the correct acai berry dosage should be. Many think that if it’s good for you that you can take as many as you wish but this is a misconception. This is not only bad thinking but can have an effect on the acai berry pill and it’s ability to effectively provide you the health benefits you are looking for. Bottom line is that the world of the acai is a wonderful one indeed but the proper dosage must be administered in order to promote good health and to remain healthy.

The Benefits of a Correct Acai Berry Dosage

With the release of acai wonder pill and all its research showing how well it provides the body with essential nutrients and antioxidants, it is only natural for the acai berry dosage to be of interest and concern for those looking to take advantage of it’s health benefits through the easy¬† RAD 140 results method of ingesting an acai berry pill. The taking of any form of supplement requires that the consumer do some research to find the correct amount of dosage to take. Here are 5 tips to ensuring the correct dosage is taken.

1. Understand why you are using Acai to determine the right acai dosage to take. Are you already healthy and like the thought of a powerful supplement to help you remain healthy or are you trying to loose weight? It’s recommended that those who are trying to loose weight have a higher dosage given that they are exercising and eating healthy.

2. Acai is healthy and in it’s natural form has no side effects. Like vitamin c, there is only so much acai that the body can absorb at one time.

3. Read the label on the product that you are using. Better yet, see if the store or website you are purchasing from offers you the ability to see the labeling? If not, I’d be skeptical. See how many mg are in each acai capsule. So many people are being taken advantage of. I know of a comment we received that the product they were taking was called “Premium Acai” and it had only 300mg of acai. She paid over $80 for only 30 capsules. Our product has 1200mg per acai berry pill and is sold for it’s true value at around $40 for each bottle. Our acai capsules per bottle is 60 not 30.