Advantages of a Carton Packing Machine

One of the most important operational machines you need to invest in when you’re in a packaging industry is a carton packing machine. However, before you jump into industrial machine stores and ask for their latest and most sophisticated model, it is very important that you understand the basics of these types of machines and know what you truly need for your business operations. After all, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for features you will not need and use.

There are also two more types of this machine, the manual and the semi-automatic type. Getting the automatic type of machine will of course, give you substantial advantage in terms of maximizing your production. Users of this machine can choose from a wide array of pouches and package various commodities such as drugs and pharmaceutical products, computer components, electronics, beverages, cosmetic products, processed food, etc.

These machines may normally cost thousands of dollars, but its cost-effective operation, which can double or even triple your production, is always worth the investment. Also, with computerized operating system, you can significantly lessen the chances of costly errors in the packing area, which is usually present in manual handling. With these tangible benefits, the cost-effective machine can give your business a good boost in the long run.

Choosing the Manufacturer

In choosing a packing machine for your business packaging needs, you need to conduct the required suitable meticulousness in the assessment process of the types of machines you’re considering. Countries of origin of these machines definitely affect its price, and some products from particular countries like China and India are simple way cheaper than their usual counterparts in Europe, North America, Japan and Korea.

Features to look for

Also, as you do your canvassing, you definitely will see a lot of packaging machines with different designs, usages and equipped with various automatic carton packing features. Those packing machine manufacturer machines with LCD systems are good in observing, adjusting and maintaining required parameters for the operations. Other machines equipped with multi-functional applications can program and coordinate with different packaging controllers for smoother and multi-functional operations.

Of course, the touch screen interface of machines with LCD systems is easier to operate. Glue spray temperature can be automatically controlled with the machine’s temperature regulator. Some machines also include other features such as flow rate, which is controlled by a converter. The best advantage of having a PLC (programmable logic controller) is of course, it delivers faster response, more reliable and easy to maintain making it a very cost-effective component in your production area.

The most basic features you need to look for in packing machines is of course, its performance and what it can contribute to your business’ productivity. Machines that work with 150 to 200 pieces per minute are good enough. The usual packaging scope is at L90-100 x W60 x H32-37mm. For motor power and glue spray machine’s power a1.5KW and 3.7KW are pretty decent motors. For pressure, you need to look for machines that deliver 0.45-0.6Mpa air pressure and 0.06Mpa vacuum pressure or better.